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Scheme for financing LPG connection in rural areas

A Objective To make available sufficient time to small and marginal farmers etc., for wage earning and to have good health.
B Extent of The unit cost as per NABARD isRs.3,450/-. The cost component of LPG connection includes, deposit to be made for LPG connection,supply of regulator and cylinder (1/2) accessories and cost of single burner stove
C Interest As applicable to Agri. Term Loans
D Security

i) Hypothecation over the LPG components purchased

ii) Third party guarantee acceptable to the Bank

E Margin 10%
F Repayment On the basis of income generated with max. of 5 years

Scheme for financing to tenant farmers & Oral lessesss

A Objective To provide crop loans to tenant farmers / oral lesses and farmers having land without proper records.
B Eligibility Tenant farmers / oral lessees
C Formation
Tenant Farmer Groups (TFGs)
The eligible farmers may form a group on the pattern of SHGs. All the procedures of SHGs should be followed.
D Savings & Thrift The group can open SB a/c as one in SHGs.
E Quantum of Loan Loan will be linked with the thrift deposits mobilised by the group. The crop loan will be disbursed to the tune of 1 to 4 times of their savings as done for SHGs.
F Security No security other than inter-se agreement.
G Documents Loan application, inter-se agreement & the loan agreement on the lines of SHG financing

Rain water harvesting scheme for SC/ST farmers

A Objective Scheme to cover SC/ST farmers in providing facilities to their homesteads/farm lands in order to augment the income generating capacity
B Project cost Depending upon the prescribed size by the NABARD the project cost is Rs. 30,000/-, Rs.15,000/- and Rs.12,000/-.
C Funding pattern 50% by the Govt. of India and 50% by Bank. There is no margin
D Eligibility All individual SC/ST farmers.
E Implementation period The scheme has been launched during 2004-05 and will continue for 3 years i.e., upto 2006-07
F Subsidy Subsidy is back-ended with lock-in period of 5 years. No interest to be charged on subsidy portion.
G Repayment Depending upon the cash flow and will be 7-11 years including a grace period of 2 years.
H Interest 12% p.a
I Security As applicable to Agri. Term Loans

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Scheme for financing of Jatropha plantation

A Objectives Jatropha has been identified as bio-fuels, which are renewable liquid fuels coming from biological raw material and have been proved to be acceptable substiyutes for fossil fuel and gaining acceptance as a solution to environmental problems, energy security, reduces imports, generating rural employment and improves agricultural economy.
B Suitability of land The wasteland having rainfall between 1000-1500 mm.
C Unit Cost: Rs.30,800/- per hectare (wasteland)
D Margin 20%
E Rate of Interest As applicable to Agri. Term Loans
F Repayment Repayable overa period of 12 years with 3 years grace period
G Security i) Hypothecation of crops for limits upto Rs.50,000/-
H Subsidy 30% back-ended credit linked subsidy is available on successful completion of the project from GOI

Scheme for financing to cultivation of Patchouli

A Suitability of land The land should have good drainage. Generally humid climate with plenty of sunlight is suitable with temparature between 25° to 35°C. Once the plants are planted the plants give good yield of leaves for atleast 3 years.
B Spacing & No. of plants / acre For conventional method of irrigation: 30cm,120cm, 11,000/- plants/acre
C Unit Cost: Rs.1,42,355/- for conventional method of irrigation and Rs.1,89,604/- for drip system of irrigation.
D Margin 20%
E Repayment Repayable in 6 half yearly instalments with a startup period of 6 months
F Interest As applicable to Agri. Term Loans
G Subsidy @20% subsidy is available from national Horticulture Board on the capital cost.

General Credit Card
In order to cater to the contingent needs of our customerrs, in rural and semi-urban areas, General Credit Card scheme has been introduced

A Objectives To provide hassle-free credit to Bank customers without insistence on security purpose or end use of credit
B Eligibility Customers in Rural and Semi-urban branches who are maintaining satisfactorily conducted deposit/loan account for the past 12 months.
C Quantum of loan Based on the assessment of income and cash flow of the entire house-hold, subject to a maximum of Rs.25000/-
D Security No security
E Validity 1 year. The limit may be reviewed / revised / cancelled after 1 year depending on track record of the account holder.
F Other Terms Only one card per family

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